Saturday, May 3, 2008

Software Update for Nokia 5310 Version 5.81

Today I updated my Nokia 5310 phone to the new 5.81 version. As I have read that there may be some problems with it I thought I'd report about my experience on my blog.

To find out what version is installed on your phone, type in *#0000# using your keypad. I had the 3.6 version installed. So I downloaded the latest version of the Nokia Software Updater. After a reboot it detected my phone connected via the USB cable.
I took the hint to backup the phone settings seriously. You can do that via the phone menu. Go to the Setting->Sync and backup->Create Backup submenu.

Then I started the update which ran automatically without problems. 10 minutes later the phone rebooted and requested the PIN code. Unfortunately all my personal data were deleted. So I had to restore the data I backed up before. That worked quite fine and I didn't loose any contact info or calendar settings.

What's new?
So far I found the following new options and functionalities:

  • I can now add Java programs to my favorite's list.

  • There is now a quick dial function. Just press one of the keys from 2 to 9 for 2 seconds.

Update: The newest version is V 09.42 which can be installed just as easy. I haven't found any major improvements yet (except for a new status bar when loading things).


Anonymous said...

too many people,so do i have problem with the ringtone of this phone that is not as loud as we expected(3.6 version).the new 5.81 version resolve this problem?

Anonymous said...

bro... the new 5.81 version is great! though i have not gone thru it totally.. but the output is more loud and the equaliser is more sensitive! all in all it rocks! output is the highlight!

Anonymous said...

I picked up my phone about a month ago from T-Mobile and the S/W version on the phone says: V 05.91, 20-20-08, RM-304

Anonymous said...

is there any difference between RM-303 and RM-304?