Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm On YouTube

This video was taken while the four of us were playing around with beer bottles.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dinner Jazz Excursion Radio

I've been listening to an internet radio station a lot recently it's called Dinner Jazz Excursion. They have good music in great quality, no ads and it's free. Now I've become a real Jazz addict.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Experiments with HDR

Herz Jesu Organ with HDR While using flickr I stumbled upon a new method to shoot pictures. It's called HDR (high dynamic range) that merges pictures with various exposure settings into one. This way dark and light areas of the picture will be displayed with many more detail.

The picture above is one of my best pictures with HDR so far. I went to a church nearby and took some picture. It is a composition of three pictures to make the walls bright as well as the window visible. A single shot would either be under- or overexposed. You can see more of my HDR pictures on my flickr page.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Dead Rabbit

Today my mum told me a very funny story (it may be real):

A family had a very bad dog who kept running away all the time. Their neighbors didn't like the dog therefore.

One day the neighbors were on vacation and the dog was gone once again. So the lady owning the dog called her dog. No answer. After a while she saw the dog running around in their neighbor's garden. It was playing with some fluffy white thing. She walked to her dog shouting. When she came closer she realized that the white thing was the neighbor's pet rabbit. The cage was open.

"Damn!" she thought. This incident will definitely make the relationship with them worse. She took the rabbit which was dead and looked at it. It didn't have any obvious bite marks but was quite dirty. So she had an idea: She cleaned the rabbit with some water and blow dried it. Then she put it back into the cage and closed the door. It almost looked like the rabbit had died on its own.

A few days later the neighbors came back. They didn't say anything. While the lady was walking her dog on the street another neighbor told her: "Did you hear the latest story? Our neighbor's rabbit had died before they went on vacation. So they buried it. But after they returned the rabbit was back in it's cage and it looked cleaner than before."

I actually found the same story on the internet later.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Poem against Suicide

This is a poem I wrote to a girl I learned to know on the Internet about a year ago. I learned to know her in a time of depression and she was talking about suicide a lot. I decided to publish part of the poem I wrote to her at that time. I cut the first part to maintain her anonymity.

Talking for hours without a break,
I cannot imagine this is fake.
So it didn't take long to realize,
This is becoming friends without looking into the other's eyes.

There are so many things we share,
But one difference that makes me care:
While in my life I try everything I haven't tried,
You embrace death and suicide.

I don't know anyone with such an obsession
And please don't blame it on depression!
This thing is really spooking in my head:
I don't want you to be dead!

I think you are creative and smart,
I love your poems which is your way of art.
I read some of them and sensed your cry:
This world does not want me, so just let my die.

There is still one thing I don't understand:
You want to see the world on the other hand.
You are interested in many things including Spanish,
So death cannot be your eternal wish.

Sometimes life is good, sometimes it's bad,
Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're sad.
There is so much this life is giving,
So promise me, you will stay among the living.

I met the girl a few month after I wrote this poem and she is fine.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Countries I have been to

I found a nice site that allows you to create a map of all your visited countries. Check out mine...

click to enlarge

create your own visited countries map or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I signed up to flickr

As I have some photos I want to share with the world, I decided to sign up to flickr. You're welcome to view my pictures.

Also take a look at my new widget on the blog that shows my pictures!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


This is the first position where my birthday occurs in consecutive order in the digits of π (according to Pi-Searcher)