Friday, September 14, 2007

The Dead Rabbit

Today my mum told me a very funny story (it may be real):

A family had a very bad dog who kept running away all the time. Their neighbors didn't like the dog therefore.

One day the neighbors were on vacation and the dog was gone once again. So the lady owning the dog called her dog. No answer. After a while she saw the dog running around in their neighbor's garden. It was playing with some fluffy white thing. She walked to her dog shouting. When she came closer she realized that the white thing was the neighbor's pet rabbit. The cage was open.

"Damn!" she thought. This incident will definitely make the relationship with them worse. She took the rabbit which was dead and looked at it. It didn't have any obvious bite marks but was quite dirty. So she had an idea: She cleaned the rabbit with some water and blow dried it. Then she put it back into the cage and closed the door. It almost looked like the rabbit had died on its own.

A few days later the neighbors came back. They didn't say anything. While the lady was walking her dog on the street another neighbor told her: "Did you hear the latest story? Our neighbor's rabbit had died before they went on vacation. So they buried it. But after they returned the rabbit was back in it's cage and it looked cleaner than before."

I actually found the same story on the internet later.

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