Friday, November 16, 2007

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Phone Review

I have been using my new Nokia 5310 XpressMusic for a week now. Enough to tell you what I have found out:

The sound quality is really good. I dare say better than my old iPod Mini. You can listen to music with your headphones or through the internal speakers. There is a larger speaker on the back of the phone, so it is loud enough.
The battery lifetime is really good. It lasts half a week with moderate calls and GPRS/EDGE usage. The screen goes black after a few minutes of inactivity - thus saving a lot of energy.
The camera is quite good in terms of dynamics and sharpness. You can take a look at a sample shot. Unfortunately the camera shows a lot of pixel errors in all colors. I've heard from other people that they have the same problem with the camera.
It is a very slim phone and fits perfectly in any pocket.
The phone comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack. This port is used for the headset or for any other headphone.
The phone comes with an integrated browser and Opera Mini. I didn't have any problems surfing the net so far.
The phone comes with many Java applications and most files you download work instantly.
The keys are quite small but easy to press. Writing texts works quite fast.
You'll find the standard set of calendar, notes and tasks. I successfully synchronized with my Google calender by using GCalSync 2.
The integrated radio has everything you need. RDS, automatic and manual seeking. The best thing about it is that you don't need a special headphone for it. Any headphone will do the trick as long as it is plugged into to 3.5mm jack. You can also make the radio use the internal speaker, but still need to attach a headphone which is used as the antenna.
A 320x240 screen has enough resolution for my needs.
A very practical feature is the volume control on the right side. You can also use it while making calls or while listening to your music.
You almost don't notice the phone when you hold it in your hands. It's really light weight.


Anonymous said...

looks like a perfect cell... but thanks for the post. I will buy one of those, it's cool! :P

Good blog, good luck ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Very good Cell phone.very slim with express music.

Anonymous said...

I luv this phone!! Just the bommmb!!!!!