Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where is the fourth Little Kitten?

For a few weeks the small cats are running around in front of my window. Last week some neighbors caught the mother cat and brought her to the vet for sterilization. The young kittens had to survive for a few days by themselves.

After the mother was released back into the garden, I didn't see the small ones anymore. Yesterday evening they were there again, but only 3 of them. The mother car keeps running around the garden, seeking for her lost child. She even sneaked into my room, crying loudly. But there was no answer.

I still hope she'll find the little kitten. I'm glad that at least three of them are still alive. Let's all hope they grow into beautiful cats one day!


Anonymous said...

Aw. That's sad.
The cats at the hostel have cannibalistic tendencies. The tom cats will often eat the kittens, sometimes even their own. There is something so sad about the death of a helpless creature.

Rodrigo said...

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