Friday, June 15, 2007

Little Kittens in my room

While sitting at my computer today, I had the door to the terrace open. The 4 little cats were running around outside. Once in a while they peeked into my room but as soon as I looked at them, they got scared and ran away.

After a while they didn't run away anymore and one of them dared to set a foot into my room. Very, very cautiously. The mother cat was watching it all the time. Then suddenly the small one entered my room completely and started exploring. I sat quietly in my chair because I didn't want to scare it.

Once the most daring kitten was inside, all the others followed. I had all four of them running around, hiding under my bed and checking out all parts of my room. I sneaked away to get my camera. In the end I got some very cute pictures of them.

Unfortunately I had to go soon, so I needed them to leave my room again. The mother cat was a little scared all the time anyway. She kept sitting outside, watching every move I made. Even after all the kittens were outside, she hissed at me while I put a cup of water outside.

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