Saturday, April 28, 2007

Where is our youth going?

Yesterday I was reading in the city park of my town. Even though it was still afternoon many young people sitting on the other benches were already drinking beer. Too bad there is no ban on drinking in public places in Austria.
But compared to what I have seen later in the evening, this was nothing. I came across the park again in the late evening. It was filled with hundreds of young people, many of them below the age of 16. But everyone was drunk. I wish drinking would have been the only drug consume there.
In addition to that the paths were littered with empty or full beer bottles and other things. Compared to afternoon, this place looked completely different. And nobody is gonna do anything against it. The police was driving by but didn't even bother to get out of the car. Like society lets down our youth on purpose.
We must not forget that our children will be the ones who will be the adults in the future. They will have children of their own. Where is this all going? Maybe their parents are already drunk on some evenings, too. A great example for them.
But instead of seeking a better life, the children embrace alcohol and drugs in ever increasing numbers. Looks like there is nothing else to do for them. Or if there is, they all have only one thing in common: getting drunk on a regular basis. What more do they need. It's fun, it's probably cheaper than going to the movies and you have lots and lots of people who do the same.
There are some ad campaigns against alcohol. But instead of telling them that it's bad, we should show our youth how to have fun without it. And we should do it fast before those who know how die out.

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Chandira said...

Yes, great post. But we don't all die drunk in a ditch.. I used to drink a lot when I was a teenager, so don't worry, and trust that most of them will grow out of it. I did. :-)