Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rokkor 50mm/f1.7 meets Canon 400D

This week I got my lens adapter to be able to attach the old Minolta lenses that we have at home with my Canon EOS 400D. I got it for about EUR 30 at eBay. It was cheapest in a shop in Hong Kong.
It works quite nice. I can attach all MC or MD lenses (with manual focus of course). It also features a correction lens, which is important if I want to focus to infinity.
I did some tests with the MC Rokkor - PF 50mm f/1.7 lens. It performs great when wide open and the object isn't far away. For infinity I do have to stop it down a little - but for these ranges I do have other lenses.
The only negative side is that I do have to focus manually, which is quite tricky with the lens wide open.


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice pic. Still no luck with flickr. How are you doing?

gill said...

Hi: Nice photos. Which made this adapter is? I have few MD/MC lenses which I want to use on 400D. Can u suggest a adapter with correction lens (which do not degrade image) with 50/1.2-58/1.4& 200.4.5.etc. I will appreciate ur advice pl.Gill