Friday, October 5, 2007

And finally they turn Red

It's been more than 5 months since my chilies have been planted. They started as tiny green leafs. A few weeks ago I harvested 25 of them and tied them up on a string. Now they started to turn red. But even those still on the plant started to change their colors.

I tried one of them today. They are hot, hot, hot. So all my efforts in growing them have succeeded. If you know any good recipes or want to try some of my chilies, just drop me a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Cool post but there are some typos in there. What we do with our chillies are sun dry them and grind them into a fine powder. You then heat it in a pan so it will keep longer. You could try the roasted tomato recipe I told you about before. Tastes great! Bon appetit!

Oh! And I'm still waiting for you to visit my blog :p