Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dogs find their way home

Yesterday I went for a walk with my two dogs. The older one doesn't really like long walks anymore. She constantly keeps sitting down and turning in the other direction clearly saying: "I want to go home"

After I had reached my destination yesterday, my dog again pulled in the direction of our house. So I decided to let her find the way. But instead of going the same way back, she took different roads and I dare say she has never taken this way home before. But in retrospect, she decided for the shortest way - without any hesitation.

I think this is an amazing behavior. You may say that maybe I would have given the dog subtle directions where I wanted to go, but as I would have liked to walk another way, I don't think that this is true. Have you ever let your dog decide where to go?

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Chandira said...

Dogs and cats are amazing in that way.. We totally should let them make more decisions, we'd be a lot better off! They have such a great degree of intelligence in a way that we've lost touch with, mostly. My cat is super-smart in that way.. She is allowed to make most of her own decisions.
Thanks for listening to your dog!

And thanks for the comment on my post on honesty. :-)